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Welcome to Ningbo Vochi Mold Co.,Ltd. is the only authorized official website!    

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Product advantages

High precision, your choice

With 50 or more mold parts production team of experts,
More than ten years experience in custom;

Production staff two-shift system,Fast and efficient;

Raw performance and stability,Can be adjusted according to customer and product requirements;

Have a professional heat treatment support services, to provide you with accurate realHeat Treatment Report;

Strict quality inspection system,Precision testing equipment;

Attitudes and improve the state, the idea of high standards;

Conscientious, pragmatic and development of innovative vision, practice times;

Lack of timely detection and timely correction thinking, sum up experience, timely innovation and breakthroughs;

Attention to product details, architecture grand strategy, highlighting the excellent brand;

Sound and efficient logistics and distribution,Products are sold throughout the country;

Timely delivery,Zero delay;

Emergency single special treatment to ensure that customers maximize the benefits.


Company Profiles、Honor、Enterprise Strength

Ningbo Vochi Mold Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Vochi Mold Co.,Ltd. was formerly known as Ningbo City Beilun District Chaiqiao Jingye Die-casting Mould Factory, was established in 1999.The company located in Beilun district,famous for the Town of Molds in China,close to the Ningbo port, surrounding supporting facilities, beautiful environment and convenient traffic.
We are committed to providing customers with all kinds of high quality die-cast molds and die casting products, through cost savings for customers and improving their production efficiency,we win their favor and support. Since the establishment of enterprises,we have provided various solutions for customers at home and abroad, designed and made a lot of high quality molds.

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